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This is one of three Christian resources blogs I maintain (infrequently), the others being Christian Journals and Christian MP3s. I am conservatively evangelical, but I will add links to blogs that are not necessarily so (which is to say, with the usual disclaimer, I may not agree with everything in the journals listed in the entries below). I hope that you find this resource helpful, and any feedback and suggestions is welcomed.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Feedback and Ideas

The responses are waning, and I have around 50 sites so far. I am wondering how best to go about the task of creating this site, and how to organise it. One idea I have is to list every divinity school, and all the staff there (over time!), with links to their bios at their colleges, and also to websites if they have one (or more). Also, I am wondering how far to spread the net. I had envisaged simply evangelical colleges (or bible believing , for those who prefer not to be called evangelical). However, I've been thinking this may be to evangelicals, we certainly need to interact with the best of the scholarship that disagrees with us. So I'm thinking of emailing other less orthodox colleges, and listing them too.

Any feedback is greatly apprecaited. I can be reached at:

Many thanks in advance.