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This is one of three Christian resources blogs I maintain (infrequently), the others being Christian Journals and Christian MP3s. I am conservatively evangelical, but I will add links to blogs that are not necessarily so (which is to say, with the usual disclaimer, I may not agree with everything in the journals listed in the entries below). I hope that you find this resource helpful, and any feedback and suggestions is welcomed.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Newest Links

Been a while, but here are several more links I've found:

Gary Thomas Adjunct Professor of Spiritual Formation, Western Seminary, Portland, Oregon. The site contains information about Thomas’s books, and also some articles on the issue of spiritual life and formation.

John McVay Dean and Professor of New Testament, Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan. Dr. McVay’s site contains links to some of his articles on New Testament themes.

Paula Fredriksen Professor of Appreciation of Scripture at Boston University, Boston, MA. Many articles on theological issues (with a focus on historical theology).

Charles B. Partee P.C. Rossin Professor of Church History. Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, Pittsburgh, . Some articles, and links to many articles for Outlook magazine

Martha Robbins the Joan Marshall Associate Professor of Pastoral Care, has been a member of the Pittsburgh faculty since 1986. articles and poems on spiritual formation etc

Alan Hultberg Assistant Professor of Bible Exposition & New Testament, Talbot School of Theology, La Mirada, CA. Class maerials and outlines are available on New Testament issues, exposition and Daniel, as well as some Sunday School materials.

Theodore Plantinga Professor of Theology at Redemmer University College, Dundas, Canada. Links to several articlrs and many notes on theological and philosophical issues.

Bruce Fisk Associate Professor of New Testament at Westmont College, Santa Barbera, CA. The site has some of his articles on contemporary issues and New Testament issues.

Ralph Klein Professor of Old Testament at Lutheran School of Theology, Chicago, Illinois. The site contains links to a massive amount of materials, both Dr. Klein’s and others’, on Old Testament books and issuesAlternate Site here

Michael Haykin Principal of Toronto Baptist Seminary, Toronto, Ontario. The site is undergoing revision, but some materials are available, and many others (on church history) are promised.

Robert Gallagher Assistant Professor of Missions and Intercultural Studies, Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois. Dr. Gallagher’s site has several articles on missions at his site.